Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Highland Lakes Lawn and Garden show ended yesterday. It also began yesterday, except for me and the rest of the committee; we've been working on it since last October.  In my biased opinion, it was spectacular, though I only managed to stay half a day. My job was arranging speakers so yesterday my main job was announcing them. I also felt I should stay through each presentation, first, because they were interesting and, second, because I thought doing otherwise would be rude. In addition, I helped set up and take down so I hardly had time to do much else. But, as an insulin-dependent diabetic, I had to work lunch in there somewhere. To this end, the committee chair agreed to announce the 1p speaker. Which meant I had nothing left to do the rest of the day. Sure, I could have returned and listened to the last speaker's presentation, which did promise to be interesting, but I'd already had to leave once to pick up something from the grocery store for our second speaker, and I didn't relish the in/out of the parking lot again--parking spaces were at a premium. So I com-ed on home. (I'm like the old gray mare--point me in the direction of home and get out of my way!)

Now, I've justified myself to y'all who probably wouldn't judge me anyway. Am I justifying myself to myself? Most likely, and I probably will do for yet a while.

I know many of you are button lovers as am I. Well, here's a lovely shop I'd like for y'all to check out. Letter Perfect Designs offers wonderful button creations, such as this one:

And this:

And this, which is a particular fave of mine. 
'S a matter of fact, I've started one similar to the red one. We'll see how mine turns out. Plus my sis is collecting red buttons to make one for her youngest daughter. Do y'all ever do that, see a design, say I can do that and make one for yourself? I'd never ever offer it on Etsy, or anwhere else for that matter. This lady is so good she deserves to hold top position in this design. But is it awful I'm making my own? 

This is another favorite, though it's already sold. Isn't she clever?

Well, Sunday morning means breakfast at home for the hub, so I'm off to take care of that. Have a great day, y'all.


Mary Keenan said...

Kate, I love those pillows! What a great use for buttons (esp. now that I have so many...) and I'm SO glad to hear the day went well, and is over, so you can finally relax with your Max!


You and Billie have been talking about these and I could picture how they would look, so I never took the time to check it out. Glad you posted about it cause I LOVE THEM! Bob and I say MFEO to each other all the time (Made For Each Other) ... I know .. too sweet... makes you gag, wretch, barf! But we love it, so I'm thinking about doing a pillow with a pretty MFEO on it. Love that RED!! And the shoe is sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing.

TexNan said...

Love the idea, Daisy! My G's halfway done--I'm slower'n a hound dog in August--but I'll get there. Bet I beat Billie!