Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christmas, anyone?

Yeah, I know it's a little early. And don't we hate that we can't even get through Halloween before the stores start dragging out the Christmas paraphernalia? (Or is that just me?)

For crafters, it's never too early to start creating Christmas. Lately, I've been working on finishing the embroidery on a pair of stockings I bought in the '80s. I loved them when I bought them--they were the English chintz so popular at the time--but, as I'd been given as a gift a lovely book on crazy-quilting, I looked at these stockings as a blank canvas. I did enough embroidery and embellishment then that I called them done. But then I began to rethink, and rework, them.

I don't have photos of how they were either when I first bought them or before I started this last round of embroidery. (These pictures were taken at different times of day. The one on the left is more true of the color of the chest so I'm guessing more true of the stocking as well.)

Today I'm just showing the left stocking. This is a close-up of the cuff section. I highlighted some of the vine and flowers with embroidery, using chain stitch for the vine and bullion for the flowers.  

 The spider web I did in stem stitch using black and gold thread and the spider is beaded. (In crazy-quilting, a spider is for good luck.)

I always think of these bullion flowers as a row of soldiers, side by side.

The toe….

The heel. And voila!

Second stocking tomorrow.

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