Monday, April 6, 2009

Bella Violetta--Etsy Featured Seller

I joined the Etsy Texas team some time back, and though I've never gotten deeply involved I have superficially. I recently took part in a promo swap with several other members. It was like Christmas when the items arrived! There were cards and tags and bookmarks and earrings and magnets, And no they're not for my personal use but rather to be sent out with purchases. Still they're cool and I get to choose who they go to. 

One member's story sort of mirrored my own. You know, mirrored as in the same but opposite? BellaVioletta grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa, met and married a Texan and now lives in Late Whitney, which is sort of to the north and east of where I am. (For those who don't already know, I was born and raised in Texas, married a Pittsburgher when we were both babies and lived in Pittsburgh for eight years. We came back to Texas a long time ago and bless his heart he's almost become a Texan, but he's still a Yankee at heart!)

Kimberly's a great recycler, which I love. She says, "I believe in reusing materials from everyday life. I never toss out a scrap of fabric." She makes fabric postcards of leftover fabrics, uses cereal boxes and dry food packaging for her Doe Doe Birds. Her ATCs are created from used playing cards. She saves wrapping paper, boxes, unusual drink cans, gift bags. Like a magpie, she's attracted by bright and shiny and uses whatever catches her attention to create it. 

She makes her Doe Doe Birds from cereal box cardboard, fabric, bits of paper and cardstock and other embellishments.
On the one above she used thrift store fabric with card stock wings. Can't you just see it as a gift embellishment or perched in a flower arrangement? 
I love this one, probably because of the printing on it. The power of the printed word, who can deny it? (I also like how she has it displayed on the sheet of music.)
A set of three, with diversity in the wings. I'm enchanted by these birds!
And a final one. Gotta love it! 

Now...back to me. Nobody--not one single solitary reader-person, not even my family! Come on, you guys--left a comment on my valance post. Oh, well! I decided without y'all.  Check this out:

I really like Nester has set forth for window mistreatments. She says it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful and uses upholstery tacks to hold things up. I'm thinking a straight length of fabric, pinned up at intervals and with fringe hot glued on the bottom might have a similar feel as the pic above. 

Stay tuned!


kimmy said...

Nancy darrrlllinn!!!

Thats me faking my texas accent. :) i am so honored to be featured in your blog. What a sweetie you are to take the time and say such nice things. I LOVE TEXAS! I can't imagine living anywhere else. I just can't lose the yankee accent. My DOEDOES send you love.

TexNan said...

Well, thank you right back, Kim. We Texans love anyone who loves us. And don' worry 'bout the accent; Tom still says things like nebby and red up. Took me a long time to understand the language when I moved to Pittsburgh!


Okay - LOVE THE BIRDS! How clever to upcycle those things ... things normally discarded!! -- in such a beautiful way!

Re: the valance question ... I must have missed it, but I love the one you've pictured here. I've been thinking about re-doing mine but I'll wait to see yours first.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

The pics were lovely. Before I read the article, I thought they were frosted cookies....I must be hungry. I think that the upcycled items are lovely.

By the way, the window treatment looks good.

LindaGJ said...

I adore these doe doe birds so much. I too was in the swap and also received 2 of them. One I'm keeping for myself and one I'm sending to a customer. So I will just have to buy some more!
I love sumpnsassy's shop too!