Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty Packaging

How important is packaging? Whenever I sell an item--which, truth be told, isn't that often--one of the first things I do is create a box. I've tried all kinds, but my latest begin with a cardstock outer shell, then, for support, I wrap thick cardboard with scrapbook paper to fit the bottom and sides, which I hot glue in. I'm thinking I may perfect this technique in another hundred years or so.

Since I've been making hair ornaments, though, I decided they'd be better suited with a card. I started with this.
Then I checked out the shop of another another seller whose cards look oh so professional--they probably are professionally done--and I thought, "I can do that!" Here's my version.

So...overkill on the sassy part? I'm thinking it might be. And I'm thinking the slots that hold the clip in place should run so the ornamentation is centered. Any thoughts? I'd appreciate any input you can give me.

Thanks and ta.


Mary Keenan said...

One reason I shop online is that I love - LOVE - getting stuff in the mail and let's face it, who sends letters any more? And when I do get some nice treat I've bought myself out of the mailbox and open it up and it's adorable (as my Biscotte et Cie hand-dyed yarns folded into matching tissue, ohhh!) I feel extra thrilled with my purchase and make a mental note to buy more.

When I got my beautiful felted flowers from your shop and the adorable hairpin-on-card, well, that was just a red letter day. I still go and admire the flowers periodically as they're not due to be given away for another month! So my vote is, as long as it's not costing you more in materials, you just be as sassy as you please :^)

JMS said...

I think they look GREAT! You did a wonderful job! Don't change a thing and make them WHATEVER you want them to be! They're YOUR creations, after all!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings


I love both the cards, but I especially love your tagline ... for your sassy moments!!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! MAY STEAL IT!! LOL

kimmy said...

i love your flowers

the card is too cute.

packaging is important. just like mary said getting a box in the mail is a thrill. i got a box of lucky lucy chocolates in the mail today and the box is so wonderful. and she packed it so nice. ++++its chocolates-whats not to love about that! she is on etsy too

you can never be too sassy