Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thrift Store Finds and other Miscellanea

I took a step yesterday that I'm not sure was wise: I opened two new Etsy shops. Because I had such a variety in the original Sumpn Sassy--okay, three categories isn't that wide a variety--I thought it might be better to separate them. SumpnSassyTassels is of course where my tassels will be. I've moved three over, still have a few more to list. And SumpnSassyOldStuff is my vintage shop with right now just one item.  

I have scads of old things to list but the kicker is that as I pull them from storage I fall in love all over again. How am I ever going to get rid of them? Somebody needs to kick me in the backside!

Here are a few things I pulled out this morning and not one single one do I intend to list. So sue me.
This Fenton individual creamer sugar set is from the '40s-'50s time period and was a gift from a dear friend. They were on display on a breakfast room sideboard in my Plano home, moved to a display cabinet in our lake house and have been stored ever since we moved here. They don't take up much room so even though I have no place to use them, I'm keeping 'em! Maybe I'll use them for sugar packets in my kitchen. Or Q-tips in the guest bath. Or....
In Plano I used a lot of plates for decorations in my home. This one didn't hang on the wall but rather sat in an arrangement on my mantel. It's German porcelain from the deco period (or is that Art Nouveau? Now that I'm looking at it I think it might be.) and I do love it! It's wafer thin, beautiful fine china. I paid $20 for it at an Oak Cliff antique store back in the late '80s. Cool, isn't it? (The glass thingy holding it upright is a decanter stopper I got at an antique store in east Texas several years ago. It has a screw on the stopper part.)

This was a true thrift store find. Love the look of it. When we moved here, I gave away many of my platters but this one I hung onto. Still can't get let it go. (And Billie, I'm rethinking all that stuff I gave you. Just because I said you could have it doesn't make it yours!)
And this one--back in the mid '80s, items from Russia were just beginning to be offered to the general public. At the time, I was working on a semi-spy novel--this was before I ever sold a book--and since the cold war was over I wrapped my plot around a Russian fairy tale, the Firebird. When I came across this plate with the Firebird illustration, I had to have it. And I still love it.

That's as far down as I've dug in my drawer of goodies and I still haven't found anything to offer in my new shop. And now I need to dig in the dirt so the drawer will have to wait.

Later, y'all.


Mary Keenan said...

ohhh, we SO need to go shopping together!

TexNan said...

Don't I wish. Also wish you were close to give some things to. So...if I post something you lust after, email me. There aren't many people I'd rather have my stuff than you.