Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

At the gawdawful hour of 6 this morning--I know, it's not that awful, but for me to be out in the world it was--we were out with all the other idjits at a Black Friday Home Depot sale. I'm sure it wasn't as bad here in the country as it must have been in Austin, but even so if we hadn't gone when we did we would never have been able to buy the item we went for. Masses of people went straight for it--a Ryobi cordless drill combo with a drill, a battery, a saw, a vacuum, a flashlight, and your choice of another free tool, all for $59. It was a good deal, worth the early morning trip into Marble Falls.

I posted another couple of ornaments on etsy today and changed all my ornaments to free shipping. Here's a pic of the first:

I added the buttons to this one simply because I'd wound up with a wonky heart shape. Actually, before I finished I went back and changed the shape to where it wasn't all that wonky, though it still is a tad. I'd turned under too much of a seam when I was handstitching the closing, so I just had to redo that. But I like the buttons on it.

This next one is the snowman design I've done on a couple of others. I'm running really low on the felt I made the original two with so for this one I used something I bought from an etsy seller. It doesn't have the weight of the felted material I've done from sweaters, etc. but I still like the look of this. Shall I call it primitive? I wouldn't exactly call the stitching couture.

And that's that. Today I think I'll make some hand lotion and I may felt some wool fabric I bought from ebay, if I can work it in around the other laundry.

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