Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still pluggin' along...

But it seems I'm ignoring everything that needs to be done around here--Christmas cards for one, arranging speakers for the master gardeners' lawn and garden show for another--focusing so much on etsy. Yesterday I followed Little's example and used a pic of my toes as an avatar. She, clever girl that she is, takes pics of her and her DH's feet wherever they travel: feet in Florida, feet in New York, etc. Ain't no way my dh would let me take pics of his feet, regardless of where they happened to be! Nor should I have taken any of my own. Can't tell I cut my nails just the other day; they look a bit raggledy.
Little used champagne glasses with her pic. I'm more of a Fiesta mug of coffee gal.

Taking toe pics wasn't all I did yesterday. I also started another ornament, finished it this morning and already have it posted on etsy.

I used a clip-art drawing to make this one. Whenever I translate a drawing to felting, I need something simple. I'd like to do a Santa next, but I need a simple line drawing and haven't been able to find one.

I'm wondering if I should be spending so much time on ornaments. They're priced low to draw in the business, but the profit margin is slim. I'm hoping if people like what I do they'll move into other areas, such as this:
I need to redo the photos on my tassels. I've done it once, but I'm not there yet. Perhaps if I do close-ups of the top? I found this post on Babyluvgifts blog, which gives ideas on how to photograph: I've used her techniques on everything I've posted since I read this.

I'm off now to try to accomplish something productive today. Think good thoughts for me.


Daisy J said...

Love, Love, LOVE the picture of your foot!!! It's so cute and so you! You have my total seal of approval.

TexNan said...

I'm late getting to the comments, Daisy, but thanks. So me, huh? Unpolished toenails and all. Just as yours is so you and so clever.