Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a moment midst all the preparation so thought I'd post a bit. We won't be having a big celebration; just my baby brother, Joe, and his GF Adrianna are joining us. Everyone else has his own plans. Joe and A are driving down from FtW, probably won't be here until this afternoon. Tom's making the turkey--he's taking a break right now too, reading the paper--and everything else that needed to be done early is. I still need to stuff some celery--ooh, I better take the cream cheese out of the fridge to soften!

Well, that's done. I made a punkin pie yesterday, my sole dessert contribution. Being a type 1 diabetic--and Tom a type 2--I sweeten it with Splenda. Actually turns out quite nice. The other part of our dessert menu is bread pudding; Tom being in the mood for that he decided to make it. He used half Splenda, half sugar since it's not a regular on our menu. I think we've only ever done it once before--and we did completely sugar then too. I probably won't have more than a taste of it, especially since he sweetened the whiskey sauce with pure sugar.

I also made cranberry sauce yesterday and this morning I put together a fruit salad, or ambrosia as we called it when we were kids. Both are Splenda sweetened.

That's a lotta sweet, innit? Oh, well, it's one day of the year--okay, two counting Christmas where we pretty much do the same thing. Being diabetic isn't a picnic, but one adjusts. And I've been one pretty much my whole life--can hardly remember when I wasn't.

I'm off to stuff some celery now, then sweep off the back patio. Thanksgiving in Texas is often warm enough to enjoy the outside, and it is today too. Have a happy!

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