Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thrift Store Art redux

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but Daisy's comment on my last post made me get back to it. (She made me do it, Mama!) I've learned a lot about taking pics in these last weeks, but, since it's almost 7 in the evening, I think I'll just upload the ones I took while I was still ignorant. :)

This first one I found at a thrift store up by Buchanan Lake. My high school BFF Margie was here, and we were hitting everything that even looked as if it might have a bargain. This store is more junk than a thrift, but I found this for a buck. The frame was cheap too: five bucks at Walmart. Stencilled rather than painted, it hangs in my office. I like the primitiveness of it.

This next one is also in my office, but it's not thrift store art nor was it cheap. This is the painting from the cover of my first romance novel. Tom bought it from the artist as a surprise. It's not my usual type of art but I definitely have a fondness for it.

And then we come to the first piece of art Tom and I ever bought. It came from a home and garden show in Pittsburgh in the late '60s--look at her hair; can't you just see the sixties?--and it now hangs in our bedroom. We paid a hundred dollars for it, and that was a fortune for us back then. This pic is not really good; the beige of the walls and the mat look yellow, but it's the only one I have, and I did the best I could with PhotoShop.

This next one I got at Trash Town in Ft. Worth. (Thrift Town on Jacksboro Hwy.) One of two hanging over the nightstands in the master, it's an original watercolor for which I paid $15 apiece maybe five or six years ago. (For the sisters, it was the year we spent sister's weekend at the lake near Bridgeport.)

Here's the other one:

This next wasn't thrift store either. I got it an antique store in Richardson. It makes me think of England; I can imagine living in a little cottage like that. (It wasn't cheap either. I think I paid almost $200 for it, but I put in layaway and paid it off over a four month period so it didn't feel so expensive.) It's now hanging in my entry.

This last one wasn't thrift store either. It's a giclee of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Very good copy, IMO (never having seen the original). Someday I intend to get a giclee of Starry Night for my bathroom, but I'm in no hurry.

And that's the last of the art in my house, thrift store and otherwise. Hope you enjoyed it.

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