Saturday, November 1, 2008

Book festival

Wonderful day today! I got into Austin about 10:25a. Carrol was a little late, so I listened to KUT radio. Rarely get to hear it and I do love public radio.

First place Carrol and I went was to hear Rick Bragg. I was really impressed. He could have been talking about my family with his tales of poor Southern people. And dang he was funny. He very much reminded me of my brother Joe. So I bought a couple of copies of his book All Over But the Shouting and had him autograph them, one copy for me, one for Joe.

Then Carrol and I went to lunch at a cool place on Congress Av. Can't remember the name, but we both had Mediterranean veggie sandwiches. Yum.

We tried to get in to hear Warren Buffet, but unfortunately we'd dawdled too long at the book sales booth and the auditorium was full when we got there about 5 min before the scheduled time. Well, heck.

So we went back to the plaza and had iced tea at a table near the entertainment booth. Close enough to hear, but far enough away we could talk.

I love my Carrol.

About 4:30, I headed home. Old lady time: I gotta get home before dark, and the hour and a half drive from downtown Austin is windy and filled with the possibility of deer.

All in all, though, it was a very good day.

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