Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Didja ever...

Do something so stupid you feel that if you were in battle of wits you'd be unarmed? Sometimes it's as if I'm walking in a daze. I just listed a PIF on Etsy, or sorta kinda did.

Last fall, I signed up to buy something using the moniker TexNan. Then my sis decided we should both open shops each using a sassy name, ergo SumpnSassy. Okay, I'm doing fine here, right? So, well, I haven't used the TexNan shop since, haven't opened it, haven't done diddly with it. But yesterday I checked out some of the PIF listings and found these

They'll work great for a style of tassel I haven't made in quite some time, mainly because I didn't have an adornment for it. I've used turquoise earrings on ones I've made in the past, but had run out of those.

Okay, I actually got three sets of the earrings Briesboutique had listed and decided as payment I'd list a PIF. (I listed two in December but had done nothing since.) I've been playing around with paper lately and made some bookmarks and hangtags, which I think are pretty cool.

When I log onto Etsy my username and password are all filled in automatically. I just click Sign In and it takes me to my Etsy page. So I click Add a Listing and it asks me for payment options. I'm thinking, "Well, I haven't done any this year, so maybe it's a yearly thing?" and I do as it asks. And I go through the whole listing and it ends showing me with one item in my shop. Huh?

Of course, what I did was list my PIF in my TexNan shop, which, dang it, wasn't s'posed to be a shop. And with that listing there it'll draw no attention whatsoever to my 'nother shop. I don't even have policies or a banner or anything there.

Guess I'll go take it out of TexNan and move it over to SumpnSassy. Twenty cents it'll cost, but hey, I can afford it.

What I hate is how stupid I feel. (So why'm I sharing this with the whole wide world--or rather the part of it who've found their way to my blog? Beats me.)

Ta ta. y'all.

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