Friday, January 2, 2009

And so it begins

I didn't start my moderate regimen yesterday. I know, it was the very first day in 2009, but it was also still the holidays, so I gave myself a break. Today, well, today, I begin. moderation. And that means the internet too.

I've been working on several tassels and finally finished a few I think I'm happy enough with to post on Etsy. If I do post these, I'll be stretching it out over the next couple of days and working on a fourth that's almost complete.

It takes me a loong time to do tassels. Felting, not so much, but I'm waiting for supplies for that. So it's either tassels or pillows, both of which can be time-consuming.

I really like this first one, but I started with a purchased tassel, something I got at a sidewalk sale in Austin very inexpensively.

This is one I did at my sister's behest. My whimsical tassel now listed on Etsy has gotten a goodly number of views--no purchases, just views--so she thought I should try a MacKenzie-Childs approach. Didn't quite make it, but it lead me in a definite direction.

This last is my attempt at a Valentine tassel. I'm not sure I'm there yet either. May do another differently.

Have a great day!


JMS said...

These are great! I love that whimsical one. Hmmm...I wonder if that would look good in my 21-month-old daughter's bedroom...?

Merry Happy 2009!

TexNan said...

Thanks. I think I'm gonna make the skirt shorter. Yunno how long hair looks flatter than short? I think that's what's happening to my long-skirted tassels. :) Betcha I could come up with a good 'un for your little girl's bedroom.

That Girl Ang said...

Nan they are wonderful! - Thanks for visiting! ;)

Get busy lady.... lol I should talk! hahaha!

Mary Keenan said...

omigosh, these are gorgeous. Who knew back in the day that your knack for tassels would take you here??

TexNan said...

Thanks, Ang and Maire. I'll get busy when you do, Ang. You let me know, ya hear? :)
Maire, who knew "back in the day" any of what we've become? Though dollink, are exactly as wunnerful as I always knew you'd be.