Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new 'un

This will be a short post to wish all of you the best in '09.

I still have to mop the kitchen floor and swab out toilets--remember, Maria won't be back 'til next Tuesday and my SIL's coming for dinner tonight. Our tradition is to have lentil soup on New Year's Eve, so Tom put it on to cook before he went to play poker. I know, it's a bummer that he's playing poker and I have to clean. :P I usually play while he's away, but aside from the housecleaning chores I've set myself I also need to make lemonade for tonight. Lemons are inexpensive right now and Tom loves my homemade lemonade (we sweeten just about everything with Splenda--me being a Type 1 diabetic and he a Type 2). Yunno, squeezing lemons can make a mess. Better to do all that early.

Before I go though, I'll leave you with a couple of old pics. The first is the view of the golf course from our back yard.

The next is the outside of my studio. (Won't show the inside. Absolutely will not until that distant someday when it's all red up.)

This last is inside the studio, taken on one of those far distant past days when one little corner was clean. This is a chest/dresser Tom and I bought when we were kids, back in the dark ages. It was an unfinished piece, which we painted and painted and painted yet again. Finally, Tom sanded it down well and gave it its current white coat. I hand painted the bottom drawer pulls; the top are some vintage bakelite pulls I found on ebay ages ago.

I'll leave you with my New Years Resolution, which is, in short, to do all I do in moderation. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Near!! Love your studio, it's adorable!

TexNan said...

Thanks, Claudia. Dang, you must have seen the post 'fore I ever got the pictures moved around correctly. I'm still learning how to blog and it sometimes gets the best of me!