Friday, December 5, 2008

I feel busier'n...

A bartender on pay day! I'm up to my ears in Christmas decorations and have few large blocks of time to distribute 'em. Today's coffee with friends got me home at lunch time, and I managed to get a load of clothes in the wash--though they're not folded yet--and some stew on the stove for dinner tonight. And I unpacked a few more boxes of Christmas stuff. Am I the only one that has gobs of stuff, none of which really goes with anything else? I started putting it on the kitchen table, then moved over to the counter, then distributed some to the living room. The hard thing is finding a place to store things where I'll be able to find them after Christmas is over. I packed away a couple of paintings and a bronze dog three Christmases ago and only just found one of the paintings today. All that because I refused to bring over all the boxes the last couple of years. (I forgot to get the front door wreath out of the storage unit. Not sure yet if I'll go back for it or make do with what I have.)

Just to add some pics to this post, I've got some old ones of pillows I've made. They're not digital, nor were they taken with a tripod, but here they are. The first is one of my faves. I saw something like it at an upscale retail store and they were asking $125 for theirs!

This next one is simply a pillow from fabric I used at my old house. I'd read about flat french welting. Don' know what that is, so I improvised.

And this final one is something I did from a vintage tea towel. I put the zipper in the bottom, cuz I didn't want to cut into the towel, though I doubt anyone will want to unstitch it and actually use it as a towel! Still for the integrity of the piece, if one wanted to, one could.

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