Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Austin, there and back

It's a short trip actually, about an hour each way, but it still takes up the whole darn day: a visit with my endocrinologist, then lunch, then hitting a few stores we can't get to out here in the country.

When I got home--even though I desperately need to straighten up--I added yet another listing on Etsy, this one a tassel I embellished. Yesterday I picked up several of these from the dollar store (look at the price; can you blame me?):

This is the one I listed this afternoon. She looks better, doesn't she?

Tomorrow, Tom plays poker. I'm taking my SIL to lunch in Marble Falls, and we'll probably hit a couple of thrift stores plus I might stop at the dollar store again. I know, what in the heck will I do with more Christmas tassels? It's just about too late to sell them on Etsy, but there's always next year.

Now I really need to get to something constructive. Oh, btw, I sold another ornament, my fave:

Best to everyone. Ta!

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