Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the halls

When do you do yours? I usually wait until well into the season, but this year I've got the spirt early. Some people put up the tree Friday after Thanksgiving, but 1) that's too early for me; I'd tire of it before the season's over. Plus 2) it's a big job and I'm usually tired after Thanksgiving, 'sides I like to wait until after my cleaning lady comes--Wednesday's her day--so-o-o this year I plan to do it Friday. And Saturday, and most likely Sunday too. No, I don't have that big of a house, I just move slower'n rush hour traffic.

Today I had lunch with my SIL in Marble Falls and we piddled around for a while. I had to stop at the post office. I sold another item on Etsy--yay!--and wanted to get it and the one that sold yesterday off today.

The dollar store in MF didn't have those tassel ornies I bought on Monday so I had to scratch that purchase, which is good cuz I'd just have to store 'em. I'm thinking it's too late to list many more ornies, if any, though I have to list one; I finished it today.
I picked up an inexpensive brooch, which I used for embellishment. I think it turned rather nice.

Along with the post the other day about my vases, I thought I'd share a pic of my LR entertainment center. Didn't notice until after I'd uploaded the pic that my cleaning lady moved the vase on the lower left. She does that a lot--moves things from where they belong. She's so good otherwise I just follow around and shift things back into their places.

Anyway, that's gonna be it for today. Tom's playing poker with his buddies so I have a couple more hours to veg out. I luv veggin'! I'm a good vegger.

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Daisy J said...

I love this ornament. The brooch just makes it elegant, but slightly understated. I LOVE IT! You do great work!