Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, my gosh!

I said I'd show pics of my entryway today. I just realized how very, very uber-paltry they are, so instead of showing the entire thing, I'll show bits and pieces. First, my front door--not horrible, just not special:

After that, no more entryway! This is my current centerpiece. Understand, our house is smallish--we love it that way--and our DR is more a BreakfastR attached to the kitchen. (Even when I did have a formal DR, I never dressed it up as people do now--or rather as decorators show it done now.)

And that's the end of my Christmas decoration display. Maybe next year I'll put on a real show; maybe not. But if I decide not, I'll spare y'all my meager decorations.
Thanks to the ones who found this blog through Etsy. Glad to have you.

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