Friday, December 12, 2008

First of all...

It's good to be back. I hadn't intended to go so long between posts but life got in the way. Life and feeling pukie! I'm better now, though not completely up to par. I did manage to get my inside decorated--Tom did the outside with much more verve and panache than I managed to muster.

I never go overboard in decorations. I have far less energy than would be required to dismantle--much less mantle--some of the decorations people put up. So here is mine, in all its shame.

This first I particularly like, even though it doesn't show that well. I found these reindeer at my fave thrift store in Ft. Worth--Thrift Town--or as my sis Billie calls it, Trash Town. The sleigh I found at an after Christmas sale. Fitz and Floyd, I think. And the penguin inside was part of a Christmas gift.
This is my entertainment center. (I never decorate higher than I can reach on a small step stool--and I'm only 5'2", well almost anyway.) Some of what you can't see, and that's a lot, I'll describe. On the top right shelf is a blown glass tree topper displayed in a candleholder. I got the tree topper at Neiman's after Christmas sale, maybe fifteen years. The year after I got this one, their tree toppers were priced so high I couldn't even afford the 50% off! The lighted ceramic tree was a gift from my husband's aunt about '73. We put it out every year (there've been years when that was the only Christmas tree we had!)

In the next arrangement, something my sister Billie suggested, I displayed an array of glass/crystal candleholders, a few candles wound with beaded wire. (I know; it looks pretty paltry all by its lonesome self. So sue me.)
And here's my tree. It's lit but you can hardly tell. Nor can you tell that the light bounces off the bulbs on the inside--something I saw on a Martha Stewart special. But it really does; it's such a cool way to decorate a tree!
(They all look better in person than in pics. )
Tomorrow I'll photograph my entryway. Again, don't expect much! I bought the garlands to try to imitate the Nester's but...blame it on feeling pukie. I just didn't wanna! There's always next year.

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