Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Thrift

I actually made it to a thrift store last week. My sis Ginge, my SIL Sunny and I went into Austin, Sunny and I keeping Ginger company on her way to a gynie appointment. On the way back, we hit a Goodwill in Round Rock. And I mean we hit it! Ginger and Sunny aren't thrifty kinda gals, but they put up with a lot for me. They actually helped me look for wool sweaters to felt. I mean, when I was done and knew I had way overspent myself, they kept looking. And when I say overspent myself, I made it home with $3 in my pocket, and Ginge bought my lunch.

So, I came away with 4 sweaters--had to put an equal number back cuz I hadn't checked my available cash before I left the house and I never carry a checkbook and Goodwill doesn't take credit cards. But, along the way, I found this:

Isn't it cool? Two ninety-nine. Looks way more expensive, doesn't it. (I told you I have a vase obsession. And they don't all have to be McCoy or Bauer or California Pottery.) I'm sure this one is relatively new, though it appears hand-thrown to me. Either way, I like it, I like it, I really really like it.

And this one I unearthed when I dug out Christmas. I knew I'd stored some decorative items in the Christmas boxes several years ago and hadn't found them when I pulled out decorations the next few years. Scaling back, it's called. So this year I figured I'd drag out every box and winnow what I'll use from those I won't. In doing so, I found this vase, which I'd totally forgotten. Now I love it all over again.

While I'm on the subject of vases I've thrifted, I don't think I've shown this one before. I usually go for seafoam green/turquoise but I loved the glaze on this one. It and the one above are both McCoy.

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