Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ten years ago...

I was saying goodbye to my old world. Early retirement brought me to the Texas hill country and a totally different life, which suddenly included the internet. I'd always shied away from it for fear I'd become obsessed. I am an obsessive personality!

And I did--become obsessed, that is. I found Mystery Writers Forum immediately. Couldn't find a better bunch of people. A group of us formed our own special circle; them I'm still in touch with, though sporadically.

I stayed with the forum until it closed several years ago, though at the end I wasn't as active as I once was. I don't know where everyone went from there; I'd become sort of disenchanted with writing and have since focused my efforts elsewhere. But yesterday I found Maire's blog and Kathy's. Maire--one of my special circle--is in Toronto and Kathy's somewhere in South Dakota (I think it's the South one). Both are old MWFers.

Gotta love the 'net!


JMS said...

I'm obsessive about things, too. It's really annoying sometimes.

Glad you found your friends' blogs!


Anonymous said...

Aww, isn't it nice when you get back in touch with old friends? So happy for you! P.S. What part of Texas are you from? I grew up in South TX.

TexNan said...

Hey, Claudia! I lived for years in Plano, a Dallas suburb. I'm now in the Texas hill country, about an hour's drive from Austin. South Texas I don't know so much, have only been down that way a few times. Love Galveston, or rather the old Galveston. Haven't seen it since the hurricane. So you're in Arkansas now, right? I'll be going to Eureka Springs in May. Anywhere near there?

Jean Elizabeth said...

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