Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been tagged!

By Jean Elizabeth. Thanks, I think.

So here goes: seven random, maybe weird things. Most will be random, few weird.

One, I'm sorta, kinda middle of eleven children (five is sorta kinda).

Two, I and two of my sisters were published in romance back in the day. (My last book was out in '89; both of my sisters published into the 'nineties.)

Three, hmm, well, one of my bestest friends I met through writing in the late eighties and we've had weekly phone dates pretty much since then, but I never met her face to face until 2003.

Four, I'm a total eclectic in reading and movie/tv watching. I love Jane Austen and Doctor Who, Dick Francis and Will Smith. I rarely read fantasy but one of my fave authors is a lady I met on Mystery Writers Forum ages ago--Linnea Sinclair. Try her, you'll like her stuff!

Five, two of my sisters and I talk on the phone practically every morning and sorta kinda exercise by bluetooth.

Six, my sisters and I--six of us--go away every year for a weekend. This year we're planning on Eureka Springs AR.

And seven--gotta save the best for the last. I've been married twice but only had one husband. Even though, legally, we were divorced for four years, we were only apart for a year so we celebrate our original anniversary (our second was April Fool's Day; who wants to celebrate that?).

Now, for the tags: I'll start with my niece Amanda. Then my sister Daisy. Then Claudia. And Ange. Then there's Kobus who does a great trash to treasure blog. And Patti, a dear writing friend. And finally Maire.

Wow, that was an exercise. Now I think I have to comment on each of the blogs to let them know they've been tagged? Hey, it's ma first time.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! And you will LOVE Eureka Springs! I love all the antique shops. Have fun!

DaynaDos said...

Thank you for the very helpful advice! I didn't even think about going to a thrift store! And thank you for the link as well! :)