Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been tagged!

By Jean Elizabeth. Thanks, I think.

So here goes: seven random, maybe weird things. Most will be random, few weird.

One, I'm sorta, kinda middle of eleven children (five is sorta kinda).

Two, I and two of my sisters were published in romance back in the day. (My last book was out in '89; both of my sisters published into the 'nineties.)

Three, hmm, well, one of my bestest friends I met through writing in the late eighties and we've had weekly phone dates pretty much since then, but I never met her face to face until 2003.

Four, I'm a total eclectic in reading and movie/tv watching. I love Jane Austen and Doctor Who, Dick Francis and Will Smith. I rarely read fantasy but one of my fave authors is a lady I met on Mystery Writers Forum ages ago--Linnea Sinclair. Try her, you'll like her stuff!

Five, two of my sisters and I talk on the phone practically every morning and sorta kinda exercise by bluetooth.

Six, my sisters and I--six of us--go away every year for a weekend. This year we're planning on Eureka Springs AR.

And seven--gotta save the best for the last. I've been married twice but only had one husband. Even though, legally, we were divorced for four years, we were only apart for a year so we celebrate our original anniversary (our second was April Fool's Day; who wants to celebrate that?).

Now, for the tags: I'll start with my niece Amanda. Then my sister Daisy. Then Claudia. And Ange. Then there's Kobus who does a great trash to treasure blog. And Patti, a dear writing friend. And finally Maire.

Wow, that was an exercise. Now I think I have to comment on each of the blogs to let them know they've been tagged? Hey, it's ma first time.


Cloud Nine Creations said...

Very interesting! And you will LOVE Eureka Springs! I love all the antique shops. Have fun!

DaynaDos said...

Thank you for the very helpful advice! I didn't even think about going to a thrift store! And thank you for the link as well! :)