Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thrift Saturday

I like how bloggers choose a day of the week to feature a particular subject. I choose today--Saturday--and thrifting. I don't do as much as I once did. I have far too much stuff as is and, while some I've met on the 'net can do very well selling large projects, my area and my talents preclude me. So I'll focus on past thriftings.

Today is the reading chair in my office. I picked it up at auction about oh, I dunno, maybe twelve, thirteen years ago. It was in a sad state but had an excellent frame. Apparently the previous owner had cats she couldn't control--as if any of us can--and the back upholstery was shredded. Since we'd already bought our lake house where we planned to retire, I decided to reupholster in denim. Didn't do it myself though I have upholstered much smaller projects. The upholsterer was dismayed by my choice of fabric, said it was obviously an expensive chair, but I prevailed. Though the denim has lightened in places, I still like the look of it.

The table, lamp, clock and monkey beside the chair were all thrifted too, though the clock maybe not so much thrifted as antiqued. I paid $45 for it more than thirty years ago, which was a fortune for me. But I totally fell in love with it and it was in that interim when I had no one to worry about but myself. I've never regretted it one single second. (That was also the only time I've ever traveled abroad. Never regretted that either, not one time in the three years it took me to pay for the trip.)

The lamp I found at a DAV thrift in Dallas--also a while back. (You might as well consider that said from now on, unless I specifically say different. *g*) The table was my first faux marble. Not a great job, though I thought it was at the time. Tom put on such a nice topcoat that though I marble far better now, I refuse to change it. The monkey, now he's a recent purchase. I got him at a Horchow Finale last summer, also in Dallas on one of our yearly visits to the area when I see my old shoppin' buddy. (She's not old; we've just been friends for a long time!) The monkey was $5, and since Linda has a monkey kinda theme in her MBR, she picked one up immediately. Me, I had to think about it. Eventually he convinced me.

And that's all, folks. I got chores to do.

P.S. I just learned I was included in a gorgeous Etsy treasury. Check it out here.

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